Terms and conditions of purchase

VadeVasos.com© is a registered trademark.

All the operations that you realize with VadeVasos.com, from now on “VadeVasos.com”, will be subject to the “Terms and conditions of purchase” exposed in the present document. If some aspect was not contemplated in this document, this one will be regulated according to the effective legislation in Spain. The order placed by the customer implies his agreement and acceptance of these “Terms and Conditions of Purchase”. No stipulation made by the client on these conditions, will be able to differ from those established by VadeVasos.com.

All the information that appears in the web page www.VadeVasos.com referring to the articles, their characteristics, prices and conditions of purchase including the forms and conditions of shipment and payment will be able to be modified by VadeVasos.com at any time and without previous warning. Some aspects of the “Terms and conditions of purchase” may be changed by special agreement between the client and VadeVasos.com always under the consent of VadeVasos.com.


The realization of an order to VadeVasos.com supposes the acceptance on the part of the client of these legal conditions. No stipulation made by the client will be able to differ from those of VadeVasos.com if it has not been expressly accepted in advance and in writing by VadeVasos.com.

All order made in the Web of VadeVasos.com will be understood like request of purchase in firm by the client.

An order is not definitive until it is accepted by VadeVasos.com.

It is understood that the client, at the time of placing the order, has read, understood and freely accepted these conditions by checking the appropriate box available for this purpose.

VadeVasos.com reserves the right to accept or deny, at its own discretion, any request for purchase, extension, renewal, modification or change of any of the items displayed on its website.

The client affirms that his personal data, payment and shipment provided to VadeVasos.com are real and reliable. In case VadeVasos.com verified that some or part of these data were false, the purchase will be automatically annulled and the client will not be able to claim any return referring to the expenses derived from the management.

In case the customer provides the data of a third person or entity when making the purchase, the same customer will be the only responsible that such third person or entity knows and expressly accepts such situation. All the responsibility for the damages and damages that could be derived by this fact will fall totally on the client, exempting to VadeVasos.com of any responsibility.

Any indication or consultation that the client realizes in the sections destined to comments in the order or later communications will be taken like merely informative and they did not condition in any case the effected purchase (the requested articles, the form of payment, the terms of shipment, the delivery and, by extension, anyone of the present conditions of purchase).

Likewise VadeVasos.com reserves the right to withhold an order pending any information needed from the customer. Delivery times will be delayed in relation to the time that elapses before the customer responds.


The prices of the articles published on the website are valid except in case of typographical error and only for orders placed through the VadeVasos.com website.

The price of the articles as well as any of their characteristics will be able to be object of revision on the part of VadeVasos.com at any time without having the obligation to notify such modifications to the client by means that are not the exhibition of these changes in its Web page. On the other hand, once effected the purchase of an article VadeVasos.com is committed to maintain the effective price to the client at the moment that the order was made.

The prices that VadeVasos.com shows in its web page www.VadeVasos.com include the 21% of IVA (Tax on the added value) and will be of application only to the clients who at the moment reside in the zones of specific application for this tax and when the situation of the client thus requires it, respecting in any case, the Spanish and European laws referring to the same one. Apart from the taxes on the sale, the customs systems of each country will impose the corresponding tax charges.

Due to its special fiscal regime, the geographical areas corresponding to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are considered non-EU territories. Therefore, purchases made for residents of such territories will be exempt from VAT (customs office charges and import taxes are not included in the price of the item or the shipping price).


The payment of the products will be made by one of the following payment methods: by credit/debit card, by transfer prior to delivery or through Paypal©.

The customer is responsible for the payment of invoices even if a third party intervenes on behalf of the customer, therefore the responsibility for providing authentication data, access or identification to a third party is solely and exclusively of the customer.

In the case that some return of a charge carried out in the credit card took place and the cause of return was not for mistake directly attributable to VadeVasos.com, the amount charged to the client will have an additional tariff of 5% on the value of the returned amount, which will confirm the expenses caused so much of bank commissions as of management of the collection. This amount will be charged to the client in the terms and forms that VadeVasos.com considers opportune.

In any case VadeVasos.com reserves the right to decline an order or modify the form of payment as it sees fit.

The client will receive by e-mail, together with the request of his order, the necessary information in order that it could realize the transference or the revenue for the corresponding payment.

At the time of payment the customer must indicate in the concept of the bank document the order number, also including, if possible, your name and surname. You must make the deposit or transfer within 5 days after the date of the order request to avoid problems in its validation and location.

Transfers within the Spanish territory usually take 1 or 2 days to become effective. In any case, the order will not be considered effective until our management department has the bank confirmation of payment.

The payment of the amount of the purchase will have to be received by VadeVasos.com free of bank commissions or other expenses derived from the transaction.

Besides the arranged thing in the previous paragraph, it is due to bear in mind to realize the payment of his purchases in EUROS and that all the possible bank commissions of change of currency will run at the expense of the client.

When making an international transfer, the client will have to indicate always to his bank that it will be him who will take charge of the bank commissions and expenses derived from the transaction. Otherwise, VadeVasos.com can stop the shipment of his order on not receiving the complete amount of the amount of the purchase.


In the payment by credit card charge, the operation is authorized by the issuing entity of the customer’s card by means of connection through the payment gateway (virtual TPV CYBERPAC) of “La Caixa”. The customer will access a controlled environment in which he/she will directly provide the bank with the card data, which will connect him/her with his/her bank/bank to authorize the transaction. In this way the payment will be made in a direct, legitimate and secure way maintaining the privacy of the card information at all times.

The confidentiality of your data is fully guaranteed, both with respect to your personal data and to the credit cards for the realization of the payments. VadeVasos.com does not store any card information on its website, as all card information is entered directly into the virtual POS.

Given that the specific legislation of each country with respect to the responsibilities of the client on the payment of the products acquired by means of the payment by credit card can differ from the Spanish ones, only the clients resident in Spanish territory will be able to pay their purchases by means of this form of payment. Most types of credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and JCB) are accepted for payment.

Credit card fraud is a crime and VadeVasos.com will take legal action against anyone who carries out or attempts to carry out a fraudulent transaction or scam.


Transfers must be made to VadeVasos.com to our account number. In order to facilitate the follow-up, please indicate us in the concept of the transfer the number of order of which you are going to make the payment. It is fundamental that you remember this, since VadeVasos.com will recognize and locate your payment by means of the number of your order. In offers that are conditioned to date, the payment must be received in the marked dates, if not, it will not be valid.


The customer can select this payment method to pay for purchases. When doing so, he/she will be connected to the PayPal environment where he/she will identify him/herself as a user and finalize the payment. Also, and if you do not have a PayPal account, the customer can use the payment gateway of this company to make the payment by credit card.


Shipping costs are included separately at the end of the order and vary according to destination.

Delivery shall be deemed to have been made when the carrier has placed the products at the customer’s disposal and the customer has signed the delivery receipt document. It corresponds to the client to verify the products to the reception and to expose all the qualifications and claims that can be justified in the document of reception of delivery.

VadeVasos.com does not commit itself to any urgent shipment. The delivery times offered by VadeVasos.com are for guidance only and VadeVasos.com makes every effort to comply with them. Nevertheless, its delay will not imply the cancellation of the order nor indemnification some. Any clause of penalty by delay introduced by the client in its order remains without effect by the application of point 1 of these legal conditions.

VadeVasos.com can not guarantee the permanent stock of the products offered, please contact us to confirm stock. The delivery times are valid from the confirmation of stock.

VadeVasos.com will always try to send the products by national transport. However, it reserves the right to send them by the means it deems appropriate if necessary to fulfill its commitments. The price of the shipment of the order will be reflected at the time of realizing the same one.

VadeVasos.com reserves the right to send the orders by installments. In such case the expenses of shipment will be in charge of VadeVasos.com. In the case that there was breakage of stock of some product (more than 30 days from the date of order), our department of attention to the client, will warn the client giving the possibility of annulling the order or changing it.


VadeVasos.com will not accept returns after 7 calendar days from the date of delivery. In the case of taking place the return within this term, the client will run with the direct expenses of the return.

VadeVasos.com will not accept returns if the product is not presented in perfect conditions.

VadeVasos.com will not accept returns if the product packaging are not the original and these are not in perfect condition. The original packing must be protected so that it is received in perfect conditions, being prohibited the use of seals and adhesive tapes.

For its special characteristics, VadeVasos.com will not accept returns of the following products: Personalized material.

All returns must be previously authorized by VadeVasos.com. For it the client will have to request to VadeVasos.com the corresponding authorization to make the return, by means of an electronic mail to info@vadevasos.com indicating the reason of the return and the number of delivery note or invoice.

Once the client has received the authorization it will make arrive the products to an address specified by VadeVasos.com. The shipping costs will be borne by the customer.



Except where expressly stated, neither VadeVasos.com nor any of its directors, officers or employees shall be liable for any damages arising from the use of this site. In particular they will not be responsible for the possible damages caused to people and/or things, nor of the total or partial loss of data and information, nor of the expenses and/or losses of benefits that could be produced by the use of the products that VadeVasos.com commercializes.

VadeVasos.com is not responsible for the contents of other web pages linked to this site. The risks derived from the consultation of such pages correspond exclusively to the client that will have to be governed by the terms and conditions of use of the same ones.

The prices, characteristics and availability of the products marketed by VadeVasos.com may vary without prior notice.


The parties shall not incur liability for any failure due to force majeure. The fulfillment of the obligation shall be delayed until the cessation of the case of force majeure.


VadeVasos.com hopes that any disagreements that may arise will be resolved amicably. When this is not possible, the customer expressly submits to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Girona (Catalonia) for its resolution.